Gold and Silver Falls

Susan, Gage and I at the top of Golden Falls

Susan, Gage and I at the top of Golden Falls

Gold and Silver Falls are two quite short hikes, each ending at a good sized falls.

The Hike – The hike up to each of these falls originates at the parking lot near the confluence of Glen and Silver Creeks. The trail to Golden Falls is to the right and to Silver Falls to the left. Each is about 1/2 mile long and well maintained making for a relatively easy stroll. They follow along the canyon bottom and are shaded by large Maple, Alder, Myrtle and Fir trees.

At Golden Falls there is a trail that leads to the top providing a “birds eye view” of the falls and canyon below.

Getting there

– The trail head for these two hikes is located approximately 25 miles East of highway 101.

From Bandon, drive North on 101 until you are entering the town of Coos Bay. At the edge of town you will enter a reduced speed school zone. This is your warning that you are nearing the intersection to turn off the highway and head East. Turn right onto Edwards Street and proceed for 1 block and turn right again onto Newport Ave. After you cross the Newport Ave. bridge you will come to an intersection. You want to continue to the left along 6th Ave. You will make a left turn onto D street (also known as Cood River Rd). You will continue along Coos River rd for approximately 9 1/2 miles at which point it will become East Fork Rd which will continue for about 4 miles. Turn onto Marlow Creek Rd and continue following the signs to the Falls Parking lot

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